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I' ve seen different ones that all contradict themselves. On some Star Trek maps of the center of the galaxy, the galactic core is regarded as its own area, not part of any of the four Quadrants.

a Travel Calculator for the Star Trek Universe based on my maps,. Share this: Email; Facebook; Google;.

Star trek galaxy map. Star trek galaxy map.

Getting started on startrekmap. measure distance ZoominBox navigate navigate what' s here?

The 4 quadrants: The star Star Trek trek galaxy: The Milky Way: from the Omnipedia CD- ROM: from the Star Trek Encyclopedia Second Edition CD- ROM: from the ST: DS9 TM. There are a lot of maps of the Star Trek universe out there by divers.

In- Game Galaxy Map, Season 10. v= haQo_ twm1bw I took all the information I got from watching TNG/ DS9 and Voyager episodes and created this.

Each playable section of a quadrant trek is represented by an in- game map in. Galactic Overview of the Star Trek Universe.

Does anyone know if there' s like an official map of Roddenberry' s universe? Star Trek Online.

Updated map : youtube. I' ve always wanted to see a full galaxy map showing the locations of the various humaoid species such as the Klingon homeworld, Romulus, Cardasia, and Ferenginar.

Milky Way Galaxy at Memory Beta,. A map of the Milky Way Galaxy was on display in the security station.

Some showing the. the Star Trek Wiki.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. The Milky Way Galaxy is a galaxy that contains over four.

Home of the stellar cartography for the Star Trek.

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